Are you looking for something meaningful, for some way to share your time and talents, for someway to give back in gratitude for all of your blessings?  Volunteering at the Y could be the answer…

Volunteers are the heart of our organization!  Annually, we benefit from the efforts of over 500 people who assist with various activities at the Y!  They are the people who help make it possible for us to build strong kids, strong families and strong communities.

The Muscatine Community YMCA holds several large events each year that require the help of many volunteers.  We have listed some of these key events below, as well as the month they occur and the approximate number of volunteers needed for each event.  If you are interested in helping with any of these events, please email at the address noted by the event or call Nicole McCleary at 263-9996 or e-mail [email protected]

Event Name Month Held Volunteers Needed Email/Contact
Tri Melon Try Feb of each year 100 Nicole at [email protected]
Breakfast with Santa Dec of each year 30 Mel at [email protected]
Bowl For Kids Sake March of each year 20 Lindsey at [email protected]
Middle School Dances Sept through May each year 20/dance Amy at [email protected]
Soccer Coaches/Ref Fall and Spring each year 80/season Brandon at [email protected]
Basketball Coaches/Ref Fall and Winter each year 40/season Brandon at [email protected]


And that’s not all!

  1. Big Brothers Big Sisters is always looking for caring adults who would like to serve as mentors for children in our community.  Being a “Big” is a rewarding experience.  For more information, call or email Lindsey Phillips at 263-9996 or [email protected]
  2. Our Character Development Program is always looking for volunteers.  To learn more about volunteer opportunity for Character Development programs, contact Amy Hessel at 263-9996 or [email protected]
  3. There are many other volunteer opportunities at the Y ranging from our Board of Directors or one of the sub-committees to helping instruct a class.  We have lots going on!  So if you are interested in helping the Y with your time and energy, please call us at 263-9996 or email your questions to [email protected]  Thank you so much!