Dad’s Group

Dad’s Group is committed to providing support to fathers and ultimately the entire family using the 24/7 Dad® curriculum.  This program was designed to equip fathers with the self awareness, compassion, and sense of responsibility that every good parent needs.

Being an involved parent is the number one thing fathers can do to ensure the success of their children.  Kids need parents who are engaged and active in their lives.  In Dad’s Group we celebrate the efforts of dads to stand up and be counted, because Dad’s Matter.

  • Especially for Fathers
  • Participation is FREE!
  • Discussions on Parenting Topics
  • Co-Parenting Communication Tips
  • Peer Support & Friendship
  • POPP Child Support forgiveness
  • FREE transportation Available

Small Group sessions are also provide to fathers in the Muscatine County Jail who are soon to be released.

Participation is FREE!

Not only is participation free, but we also provide transportation to and from meetings for those who need it.

Supper is on us!

There is always a meal provided for participating members of the weekly MCSA meetings.

Participation has its perks!

A free YMCA membership is available for income-eligible participants and their children.

About the Iowa POPP Program

The POPP (Promoting Opportunities for Parents Program) is a joint effort between the Muscatine Community YMCA Family Program Services Fatherhood Initiative and the Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit.  The Muscatine Community YMCA partners with the YMCA of Greater Des Moines for advocacy and financial support to provide this program.

Fathers who attend Dad’s Group and graduate with a 24/7 Dad® Certificate are eligible to participate in this additional service offering child support forgiveness if they owe back child support to the State of Iowa.

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Diana (563) 263-9996